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Identity Theft Solutions


  • $25/Month for unlimited number of family members, living at the same address
  • No cost to add family members in the future
  • 100% money back guarantee based on performance for the life of your subscription
  • Resolution services and processes are all done or overseen by lawyers

– 1 bureau monitoring and $50,000 insurance is available at no cost with our recommended vendor.

LifeLock® Standard


  • $48/Month for only 4 family members
  • 1-Bureau Monitoring
  • $25,000 Insurance

– No Money-Back Guarantee based on performance. The guarantee they offer is only for 60-days and not based on performance
– No guarantee that a lawyer performs or oversees the resolution process.
– Family of 4 in this comparison has 2 parents and 2 children ages 18+ living in the same house.
– Additional adults cost $11.99/month. Additional children ages under 18 cost $.99/month.

Protect your entire household for only $25 per month total

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