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With Identity Theft Solutions “ITS”, you can have your entire household protected from identity theft for one low monthly fee.

The primary reasons to purchase ITS:

ITS is a division of Jamison Law Group.  ITS uses Jamison Law Group to eliminate all traces of Identity Theft from you and your family’s credit report within 90 days or we refund 100% of all fees that you ever paid us, AND we continue to work the files as a priority until resolved!

We provide peace of mind that if you or your family’s data is ever breached, we’ll make sure your credit report is cleared from these fraud items quickly.

ITS is the most trusted brand in the identity theft resolution industry:

You recognize ITS as a trusted leader. Consumer confidence for ITS is high, while no competitors offers a money back guarantee. Its easy to get free monitoring with companies like Credit Karma, but no one offers you piece of mind like ITS in knowing the damage will be handled by real credit pros from Jamison Law Group and not some customer service rep overseas that may or may not understand how the credit system works. If ITS doesn’t perform and achieve 100% removal results within 90 days of being informed of the identity theft, we will refund every dollar you ever gave us. No one in the industry offers anything close.

ITS identity theft resolution and 90 day money back guarantee is the best the business:

Identity theft resolution is the hallmark of ITS. Our U.S.-based resolution teams working in conjunction with Jamison Law Group are all experts in helping resolve identity theft issues that impact our members. We focus only on the credit report and will eliminate 100% of all fraudulent accounts or you get 100% of the money you ever paid us refunded. We cover your entire household, not just you.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

ITS is the only company in the industry offering a 90 day money back guarantee. If ITS cannot offer a satisfactory resolution to your credit remediation within 90 days then ITS will give you a full refund and even continue to work on your credit until the remediation is completed.

Compare Identity Theft Solution’s ID Theft Protection with LifeLock® Standard

Identity Theft Solutions


  • $25/Month for unlimited number of family members, living at the same address
  • No cost to add family members in the future
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Resolution services completed by lawyers

– 1 bureau monitoring and $50,000 insurance is available at no cost with our recommended vendor.

LifeLock® Standard


  • $48/Month for only 4 family members
  • 1-Bureau Monitoring
  • $25,000 Insurance

– No Money-Back Guarantee
– Resolution services NOT completed by lawyers
– Family of 4 in this comparison has 2 parents and 2 children ages 18+ living in the same house.
– Additional adults cost $11.99/month. Additional children ages under 18 cost $.99/month.

Protect your entire household for only $25 per month total


* There is a new Identity fraud victim EVERY 2 SECONDS

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