Before registering at the bottom of this page, please note that this coverage is only for the employee that signed up for the Avance Health wellness program while they are enrolled (in addition to a single household member for six months).  If you would like to extend coverage or cover your entire household at a deep discount, please consider one of the three upgrade options below.  These deep discounts are available Today Only!  Should you decide you don’t want to upgrade, click the “free coverage option” at the bottom of the page to register.

BRONZE PACKAGE – Your additional household member gets 6 months of coverage for free already.  You can lock them in for an additional 6 months of coverage for a 1-time payment of $24. That’s only $4 per month for the 2nd 6 months once the free 6 months for the additional family member ends.  After 1 year, their coverage will continue uninterrupted for a low monthly payment of only $4 per month.  You can cancel this at anytime once the first year is up.  For only a $24 investment today, your 2nd household member gets an entire year of coverage rather than getting only 6 months.  Choose the Bronze Package below to take advantage of this offer.

SILVER PACKAGE – Many of you have children or relatives living at home with you.  Our flagship package on the website for $25 per month covers the entire household (everyone living under your roof).  Today only, you can lock in this same coverage that covers your entire household for only $12 per month until you cancel.  That’s over 50% off our normal price.  Choose the Silver Package below to take advantage of this amazing offer.

* If you do not have PayPal or if you prefer to use a debit or credit card, choose the “Checkout as Guest” option AFTER you choose the Bronze or Silver subscription upgrade.

$24 today and $4 per month starting in 12 months until you cancel covers your Spouse of the person of your choice as long as they live at the same address. 

$12 per month covers your entire household.  You would be charged $12 today and $12 every month until canceled.  You can cancel at any time.

Click the button above if you only want coverage for yourself and also the 6 free months for a family member of your choice.

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