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As part of the identity theft coverage you automatically get with Avance Health, Identity Theft Solutions LLC will also give your spouse “or person of your choice” 6 months free coverage provided they live at the same address as you.  Register your name and the family member of your choice at the link* below to assure both of you are covered without delay** in the event either of you become a victim of identity theft. 

We also offer options that cover your entire household at a deep discount; which would cover everyone that lives at your address.  Click the button below to register yourself*** and 1 extra household member for 6 months free coverage.

* All of your data is stored with HubSpot on an encrypted server with the most advanced security features in the industry.

** Identity Theft Solutions uses HubSpot for our CRM.  The people that register at the link below are able to be helped immediately without having to prove coverage via their employer.  Even if you are single and don’t have a family member that you want coverage for, you should still register at the link below to assure expedient handling of your claim in the future.  Identity Theft Solutions and HubSpot do not sell or share your data with anyone.

 *** You are automatically covered while working at your current employer provided you are participating in the Avance Wellness Program.  We still ask that you register at the link below in order to expedite the filing of a claim in the future and also for us to be able to communicate with you about important changes to your coverage in the future.


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